On Auditioning / by Emily Marie Grant

Since I'm auditioning a lot, I thought I should write a little something on it, since I see many others out there doing the same thing.  One important thing to note:  If you submit yourself for a role, be certain you are available to audition on the posted dates (and film on the posted dates).  Don't get yourself into a tangled, embarrassing situation.

Have a monologue (or a few) prepared.  Practice in front of the mirror, in front of friends, in front of the camera, and in the car on the way there.  Do your warm-ups IN THE CAR.  If you're like me, remember, your motions and emotions that you think you may be showing on the outside, might not be as big as you think.  So check, and project.

When someone sends you sides for an audition, do your homework.  Read them, practice them.  Read into your character.  What are you feeling at that moment?  Are you interacting with someone?  How do you feel about them?  Do you have the ability to feel? What are the key words in each of those lines?

Don't be late!  It makes every one else run late. 

Be sure to give yourself a few moments to shake out your body and do some deep breathing or take a mindful minute before the audition.   

Enter your audition with a smile.  People who cast are real people, too, and usually pretty cool folks!  If you're usually a grouch, then by all means, enter the room with a furrowed brow, otherwise, relax and smile.

Most people will want you to fill out forms.  See more fantastic advice from the Bay Area Casting.  

Finally, some great advice from Casting Director, Hester Schell: 

Arrive on time.
Arrive ready to go.
Do any vocal warm-ups in the car.
Never sign a release at an audition.
Never take your clothes off at an audition.
Never do anything you’re not completely comfortable with.
Do not put your home address, or your social security number on your resume.
Advance notice is required for nudity, and must be discussed before you agree to do a role.
Never take your clothes off at an audition.