It Came From Fukushima at the SF Fringe! / by Emily Marie Grant

Actors!  Puppets!  3-D! Video!  IT CAME FROM FUKUSHIMA, is a one act (one hour)  comedy about a radioactive creature rising from the abyss to attack San Francisco. Blending Film Noir, SciFi, and Monster Movie styles, the play tells a tale of fear, greed, hope and survival. Will the monster destroy San Francisco? Will nuclear contamination signal the end of the world?  Is humankind the most dangerous monster of all?

I know I am so excited to be a part of each new project I'm knowing on, which is absolutely true.  Everybody's baby is beautiful, especially mine.  But this time, I'm returning to the ... da...da...da....dah... STAGE!  For It Came From Fukushima!

As part of the 2016 San Francisco Fringe Festival I have performed live (for the Fringe Sneak Preview, so sorry if you missed it) and on screen for EVERY SINGLE performance; and I'll be there closing night, coming ever so soon, on Thursday, September 22nd at 8:30pm!

From the table read to the stage, this original play with multimedia aspects by Bill Hyatt.  I have played a lead role (u/s) for the media sneak peak, and ongoing I've been a reporter on screen (yes, this play is multimedia)!  It's been a blast and I'm once again reminded of the talent of our amazing San Francisco theater actors who haven't yet ventured into film and TV.  I'm honored (fer sure, really, can ya get behind it), to be associated with such a great cast.

You have one more chance, so come see me, have a drink at the amazing venue, PianoFight, and don't forget they have really good food!  Please stop me to say hello, and enjoy the amazing LIVE Saxamaphone (by Georgianna Krieger),

Check it out on Facebook, and enjoy amazing live theater. 

Lovin' every minute of it!